About Us

Astra Housewares Ltd is the exclusive importer of Bessemer cookware to New Zealand and has been since 2001. In 1996 Astra was incorporated as a limited liability company. Astra is a privately owned and operated NZ company, based in Tauranga. 

Bessemer is not sold through traditional retail outlets in NZ. Mainly through selected home shows, food shows, field days nationally and the future is right here online.

Key Points

  • Australian design, non stick cast cookware, high quality and easy to clean
  • Australian favourite for over 50 years
  • Oven effect:
    • - Most cookware has a glass lid
    • - Bessemers cast lid is effectively your oven door allowing either stovetop or in oven cooking
    • - One lid fits a number of bases
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction (except the wok)