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Use & Care


Before Use

Wash, rinse and dry your new cookware thoroughly.  Then condition the non-stick surface with a thin coating of oil.


During Use

Avoid overheating your cookware
Use low to medium heat for best results.  Bessemer cookware is heavy gauge and designed for cooking this way; extremely high temperatures are NEVER necessary.  Heat in excess of 350°C will damage the non-stick surface beyond repair and will result in discolouration and sticking.  Always use care bringing the cookware up to cooking temperatures.

The non-stick surface can be heated continuously at temperatures of up to 260°C, well above what's required for frying and baking, without damage to the finish.  The surface will not show significant deterioration unless temperatures exceed 350°C.  It is unlikely that cookware could reach these temperatures without burning food to an inedible state, but they can be reached if an empty pan is left on a hot burner or oven.

To get an indication of temperature inside a dry piece of cookware on gas cooktop or electric radiant heat element use the "paper towel test".  At 260°C, the maximum temperature recommended for cooking, a piece of white paper towel will start to brown.  When this happens, you should turn the temperature down immediately.  Always bring cookware up to temperature slowly.
Avoid cutting in the pan
Use nylon or wooden utensils to prevent marring the surface



Cleaning is simple
After each use allow the pan to cool and then wash in hot, soapy water.  Remove food residue with a sponge, dishcloth or nylon pad only.  DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or steel wool.

Wipe off any spills on outside of cookware immediately to prevent them burning on.

The exterior of your cookware should be kept clean using any non abrasive cleaner.  This will remove stains easily.  Do not use steel wool or harsh powders as they may dull the beautiful enamel surface.

DO NOT clean in a dishwasher.  The use of a dishwasher will tend to damage the finish and integrity of all surfaces.
Store carefully to prevent scratching.

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