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All Bessemer products are guaranteed against defects caused by FAULTY WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIAL for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.

Bessemer's non-stick coating is believed to be the finest available but can be damaged if reasonable care is not shown.  With extensive use, you may notice a slight diminishing of the release effect of your cookware while all other product benefits remain.  Just add a small amount of oil to achieve the desired release.  Please read your Use and Care leaflet carefully before use to prevent damaging your coating.

The guarantee does NOT COVER damage to cookware, the non-stick coating or exterior enamel coating resulting from:

Excessive heat (refer Use & Care)
Cutting with utensils
Action of abrasive cleaners
Highly corrosive cleaners, e.g. oven cleaners
Dishwasher use
Accidental dropping
Impact, i.e. chipping
Normal wear and tear

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