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Features & Benefits

Cast Aluminium

Bessemer is made of heavy cast aluminium for even heating and better heat retention.  Designed for more nutritious and economical cooking.

Vitreous Enamel Exterior

Acting as excellent insulator of heat and therefore preventing heat loss to the outside.  It helps to cut down cooking time, assists in keeping the kitchen cooler, and is beautiful in appearance.

Functions Like An Oven

The combination of cast aluminium construction, well sealing lids, and vitreous enamel coating allows stove top cooking with the effect of an oven – saves on fuel bills.

Steam Vent Lids

These give complete control of the flow of steam from your cookware.  Modern looking, easy to operate – just open vent to dry out food, cakes and biscuits, etc. or close vent to keep moisture in – soups, casseroles and vegetables, etc.

Inter-changeable Lids

With Bessemer, you can share lids between any of your products.  Use your casserole lid on your frypan base.  It's your choice - one or more lids - all available individually.  Standard lid sizes are 18cm, 20cm, 24cm, 28cm, 32cm, 34cm and 37cm.

Easy Grip Handles

Handles are fastened securely to the cookware by a stainless steel bolt running through the handle and fixed integrally into the cookware casting.  The handle also features a flame guard for added safety.

Tri-Tanium Coating - PFOA Free


TRI-TANIUM PLUS Non Stick Coating is a significant improvement over previous 3 coat non-stick systems.  Titanium metal and ceramic particles are combined to reinforce the coating to make it at least twice as durable as the previous coating.  The Tri-Tanium Plus offers increased scratch resistance, excellent stain resistance and high retention of non-stick properties.  Tri-Tanium Plus utilises ‘fusion’ technology to combine the hard basecoat with the dense non-stick intermediate and top coatings to provide an excellent, long wearing, non-stick coating system.  Tri-Tanium is exclusive to BESSEMER in Australia.  All Bessemer non-stick coatings are PFOA Free.

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